Here at King Fine Jewelry we are proud to offer state of the art repair and custom design services. Even with the amazingly vast selection of fine jewelry that we offer, there is often the need to create a one of a kind piece.

The design process begins with a consultation with one of our highly skilled jewelers. A design will be sketched out to the customer’s specifications. Within 48 hours the sketch is completed and awaits approval. The approved design is then transformed into a high end computerized image. A wax replica is constructed. All stages up to and including the wax replica are done without obligation to buy the product. The wax replica if approved is then duplicated in your choice of metal. Once this process has begun, the customer is responsible for payment. Feel free to visit our store at anytime to discuss what could be your next family heirloom.

It is virtually impossible to have everything someone might want. There are just too many styles and sometimes you might see two rings and want elements from both. With that in mind, King can custom design fine jewelry using your ideas to come up with the perfect style.

We start with a picture or drawing with instructions for our designer. Within 48 hours we receive a computer animated design of the piece to be made. We discuss the design with you making revisions until everything is perfect. Once the drawing is approved, we have a wax made. A wax is the exact item we want to make made in wax so you can evaluate the design. Once that is approved, we have the jewelry item made in gold or platinum or even sterling silver. We can use gemstones and diamonds supplied by you or by our designer so if you have diamonds in an old ring or pendant that aren’t being worn, we can make a new design using what you have and if we need to supplement some of our stones with yours, that is easy, too. The best part of our custom design service….there is no obligation to you. If we get to making the wax and you hate it, we start all over or part ways as friends with no out of pocket expense to you. But, once we make the ring in gold or platinum, as with any special order, you are obligated to the purchase.

We provide latest design customized jewelry to our lovable customers in our all jewelry stores of Memphis, Shelby, Tipton and Fayette in Tennessee and DeSoto in Mississippi. Come by KING today and we can discuss any custom design with you and bring in your diamonds and gemstones so we can use them to make your new creation.